Farm insurance is a type of insurance that protects the owners and their property from various risks, such as fire, theft, or hail damage. These policies are designed to offer protection for all types and sizes of agricultural operations including dairy farms, crop farms, poultry farms, and more.

There are several good reasons to consider investing in farm insurance. For one, farmers are always at risk of unpredictable and unforeseen disasters. From floods to fires, a farmer’s crop is often their livelihood, and it can be devastating when an entire season’s worth of work is lost.

Protecting the farm from these risks is critical for all farmers. You will need to know what insurance policies cover – and what exactly a farm insurance policy is. 

What is a Farm Insurance Policy?

Farm insurance (sometimes referred to synonymously as farm and ranch insurance) is an insurance plan meant to protect your farm both personally and commercially. It is similar to homeowner’s insurance. It will cover you, your possessions, your home, and personal liability (say, for example, if someone trips and falls on your property while touring your farm). You can also add additional coverage for your livestock and machinery. It does not cover crops as the USDA typically insures them.

Farm insurance is highly customized. You’ll start with the most basic level of coverage before adding on additional options based on your needs.  Most outbuildings remain covered by the farm insurance policy besides the homeowner’s insurance. Some trees, shrubs, and other plants are covered.

However, it’s important to note that homeowner’s insurance does not cover anything grown for commercial use, nor does it cover areas of your lawn or property that are a certain distance away from the home. 

Farm insurance covers any kind of property that is directly related to the farm. It can generally be broken down into three categories:

  • Farm products (silage, animal feed, pesticides, fertilizers, seed)
  • Livestock
  • Farm machinery and equipment

Your insurance policy will cover things like:

  • Animals that are killed by accidental shooting or vehicle accidents
  • Attacks on livestock by predators
  • Flood and earthquake damages and livestock loss
  • Damage to farm machinery, tractors, portable irrigation equipment, combines, hay rakers, field equipment, etc. 
  • Livestock death because of disease and sickness (sometimes)
  • Major medical expenses for livestock (sometimes) 
  • Damage to farm products like seed and grain (only when stored – not those that have been planted)
  • Accidents related to your machinery and livestock on your property and in a roadway

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